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Monday9am – 10amYoga-2-GoTe Kowhai Tennis Pavilion
Runners Class
Hamilton Old Boys Clubrooms
Wednesday5:30pm-6:30pmYoga-2-GoHamilton Old Boys Clubrooms
Thursday 9am – 10 am Yoga-2-GoTe Kowhai Tennis Pavilion

The evening classes (Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30pm) are at Hamilton Old Boys Clubrooms and the morning classes (Mondays and Thursdays at 9am) are at Te Kowhai Tennis Pavilion.


More About Yoga-2-Go Classes

Join us for moving, dynamic and fun yoga classes! The Monday evening class is aimed at runners and assume a good standard of underlying fitness, the other classes are more general. If you have any questions about whether a class is right for you – get in touch, we’ll help you out!

Wear comfortable workout clothes and be aware we practice yoga in bare feet (but you may wear yoga socks if you wish).

These classes are moving and dynamic and may be a bit stronger than some other yoga you have tried. Don’t worry though, modifications are offered along the way, so beginners won’t be left behind!

No previous yoga experience is necessary to enjoy and benefit from these classes. In fact, they’re not your usual yoga class – so if you’re wanting an Ashtanga Primary Series, this probably isn’t the right choice for you. Yoga-2-Go is a based on the Japanese body theory of Zen Shiatsu and works with the body’s meridians as well as the muscles, organs and connective tissues to stretch out your strength.

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Yoga-2-Go provides yoga mini-breaks especially for you with the right balance, challenge and chill! You choose where you go, what we do, who we take. Build your mini-break now.

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