Rest and Reset: Ruby Bay, Nelson

Do you need a reset after the chaos of Christmas? Do you deserve a really good rest this holidays? That’s OK, we got you! Nestled in the seaside community of Ruby Bay, the Wee Wellbeing Studio is the perfect spot to unwind and reset. We’ll teach you how to take all that stressed, rushed, excited racing around and convert that energy to grounded, calm, purposeful living. Look forward to bringing that calm joy with you into the New Year and beyond!

Kick 2020’s Butt: RESET YOURSELF

Looking to take control for 2021 … and kick 2020’s butt? The goal of this workshop series is to help you take yourself to where you want to be. Each week you’ll learn techniques to use in your home practice (guided by your take home workbook) to empower and inspire your reset for the new year!