Special Occasions

for Special Occasions

Special birthday celebration? Reunion of old friends?
Sisters’ get together? Thank someone special? Lift a loved one up?

Want to do something special with a small group of nearests and dearests? A Yoga-2-Go mini-break is perfect!

With plenty of free time to do your own thing and control of your food and accommodation choices, all you need to do for that special weekend is show up. If you need something celebratory for the occasion, such as a cake, just let us know and we’ll organise it.

If the rest of the group wants to ‘shout’ someone as a gift or a treat, no problem!

When you build your mini-break just let us know about your occasion and some of your ideas and we’ll include options in your package

Some Special Occasions Options
  • Celebratory extras – themed cake, etc
  • Gift mini-break to a member of the group
  • Memorial book of photos
  • Personalised T Shirts or Yoga Mats
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