My own experiences in seeking to perform better mentally and physically and seeking to live with the challenges of anxiety and depression, brought me to yoga. Coming to yoga from this place and being an analytical kind of a person, I am drawn to the scientific end of the work on body theory. Of particular resonance for me is work around embodied psychology and how we can better support our autonomic nervous systems. These are the people and resources from whom Yoga-2-Go’s body theory is drawn and incrementally developed. As such, this page is itself a work in progress.

Embodiment Experts

Shawn AchorPositive PsychologyTED TalkPositive psychology TED talk about how modern society has the success/happiness dynamic backwards. Humorous and self-deprecating, this is a talk about the importance of exercise, gratitude, meditation and positivity.
Dr Leah LagosHRV
Embodied Psychology
Flow Collective Radio Podcast
Book: Invincible
Dr Lagos is a renowned expert in Heart Rate Variability. The podcast is a great introduction to why you should care about your HRV. The book dives deep into the science of the autonomic nervous system and the functions of the breath and the heart in the regulation of your body. Sets out a 10 week program to improve your HRV
Steven KotlerFlow ResearcherFlow Collective Radio
Journalist and lifelong researcher into the psychology and physiology of flow states. Kotler’s work provides a cohesive insight into how the mind, body and spirit can work at their best
Dr Jud BrewerPsychiatrist
Anxiety & Addiction expert
Resources and ProgramsA different take on mindfulness. Mindfulness with curiousity, with purpose, with results. Groundbreaking techniques and research all underpinned with scientific data.
Dr Wendy WoodPsychologistNPR interview
Book: Good Habits, Bad Habits
Expert in habits. How they develop. The functions of habits. How to make changes in habits when they don’t serve us the way we want them to.
Jim KwikBrain ExpertKwikbrain podcast
Book: Limitless
At the age of 6, Jim suffered a traumatic brain injury which impacted his learning. As an adult he made it his mission to understand how we learn and how our brains work for (and sometimes against) us. His podcast, Kiwkbrain is a fabulous resource to find other interesting experts. His book Limitless brings together a lifetime of learning in an accessible and well written work. Well worth the read!
James NestorBreath ExpertPodcast Interview
Breath. The Science of a Lost Art
Breath and yoga go hand in hand. The biology of breath scientifically is just as essential in the modern practice of yoga as the traditions of pranayama.
Sue HitzmannPhysiotherapist
Developed MELT
MELT Method
Melt Performance
Sue Hitzmann has developed a system of gentle body work on the fascial systems of the body. The first few chapters give an in-depth explanation of how the fascial systems work in the body, how they can store stuck stress and the effect of that stuck stress on us living our lives. The rest of the book trains the reader to work their own body to improve the health of the stressed fascia. We MELT every night in our house!
Dr Lisa FeldmanPsychologistPodcast: What Your Brain Needs Right Now
Books: 7 1/2 Lessons About the Brain
Fabulous conceptualisation of the “body budget”. Such an insightful and useful means to understand how homeostasis works and how the systems in our bodies are primed. Highly highly recommend the podcast.



Hidden Brain

TED Radio Hour


Yoga Resources


  • Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little
  • Harvard Medical School Book of Yoga

Online Resources

Yoga Journal


Yoga International (subscription) (subscription)

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