Rest and Reset: Ruby Bay, Nelson

Do you need a reset after the chaos of Christmas? Do you deserve a really good rest this holidays? That’s OK, we got you! Nestled in the seaside community of Ruby Bay, the Wee Wellbeing Studio is the perfect spot to unwind and reset. We’ll teach you how to take all that stressed, rushed, excited racing around and convert that energy to grounded, calm, purposeful living. Look forward to bringing that calm joy with you into the New Year and beyond!

Kick 2020’s Butt: RESET YOURSELF

Looking to take control for 2021 … and kick 2020’s butt? The goal of this workshop series is to help you take yourself to where you want to be. Each week you’ll learn techniques to use in your home practice (guided by your take home workbook) to empower and inspire your reset for the new year!

In Defence of a Grotty Yoga Practice

You can and should make your yoga your own, in class and at home. Choose what feels great AND choose what feels grotty. “What? ” You may exclaim. “That’s crazy talk! I do yoga to feel better, not icky.” The answer is, yes, yoga will make you feel better, great even, but not always inContinue reading “In Defence of a Grotty Yoga Practice”

Reaching Flow, Part II

The first part of this series introduced the science of flow, the flow cycle and struggle, and this series comprises my reflections on some of Steven Kotler’s and Jim Kwik’s writing on flow. This post will discuss the second stage in the flow cycle – refresh. Stage 2: Refresh It is tempting to overlook theContinue reading “Reaching Flow, Part II”

The House with No Nails

Every piece of the frame was fitted for its neighbour.  Every piece with a purpose.  The central structure of the barn are the four “Bents” that curve from the central spine enclosing the home like a ribcage.  Just like our ribs, strength is derived from the curve and the flex of the timber. Every joinContinue reading “The House with No Nails”