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Helping people have a great holiday this isn’t a small thing. It’s an important thing. It’s important to people financially, socially and emotionally. A yoga mini-break is a great way to get the most of these important holidays!

Some yoga retreats are quite strict about what people eat and drink and their timetable and structure.  We figured why not let people choose what they wanted, and then we would make it happen, like magic!   

And you can bring the yoga home with you into your everyday lives, and learn to have that “holiday feeling” whenever you choose.

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Kate Hay, Yogi

During the week, Kate teaches yoga with Namaste Yoga NZ in Hamilton.

Kate has a passion for yoga and health and fitness, from running and hiking to Taekwondo and Tai Chi. A self-confessed anatomy and meta-learning nerd, Kate loves to share the benefits of her studies with her students.

As well as being a Yoga Instructor, Kate teaches dog training. “They’re the same basic principles,” she says, “calm down and pay attention.”

Kate teaches a mixture of Hatha yoga, Japanese style meridians-based yoga and yoga of the subtle body, even some basic tai chi and qi gong techniques. She teaches a range of classes with Namaste from gym classes to studio based classes, from running focused to mums and bubs. Kate’s classes tend to be moving, challenging and dynamic.

If you are interested in attending Kate’s classes in Hamilton, check out the info here.

Kate can develop a yoga program for your mini break with the right balance of challenge and chill.

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