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Our Yoga

A Yoga-2-Go session will include a mixture of Hatha yoga, Japanese style meridians-based yoga and yoga of the subtle body, even some basic tai chi and qi gong techniques. There will be some moving, dynamic techniques. There will be some techniques where we work with stillness. There will be some that feels strong and some that feels gentle. You can expect to be challenged, but not broken. Variations are offered to enable everyone in the room to work their own range of movement on that particular day.

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Our People: Kate Hay, Yoga Coach

Kate has a passion for yoga and health and fitness, from running and hiking to Taekwondo and Tai Chi. A self-confessed anatomy and meta-learning nerd, Kate loves to share the benefits of her studies “on the mat” with her students.

Kate has come from a corporate background (Barrister) and retrained to teach yoga. She is passionate about helping other people in highly stressful jobs to use yoga to be happier, healthy and achieve higher performance.

As well as being a Yoga Instructor, Kate teaches dog training. “They’re the same basic principles,” she says, “calm down and pay attention.”

Kate offers yoga classes, workshops, mini-breaks, one-2-one coaching and corporate yoga.

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