Stillness in Movement; Movement in Stillness. Part 2

Bodily Integrity

The tides rise and fall while stillness maintains the balance and integrity

Stillness keeps everything in place in relation to the rest – and you just move the one bit. Keeping everything else still means you don’t lose the alignment. You keep integrity.

Let’s look at a Yoga-2-Go technique:

Knees side-to-side.

Here everything is still, except the top hip. It is moving the top hip up and over that moves the knees. The knees and the legs and the feet, although they are moving through space, are being propelled by the hip movement – they are in fact staying still!

Knees Side to Side is a foundation technique in Yoga-2-Go and is all about stillness in movement to keep integrity

The upper body is also staying still. The shoulders are glued to the ground. Some of the lower torso moves with the hip, but it is the hip that moves pulling the still torso with it. Make sense?

By keeping the integrity in the knees and legs, we work the intended areas for the intended results: working the deep abdomen (that Lower Dan Tien spot) to move the hip and this movement loosens the sides of the lower torso. If we loose integrity in our knees, we start to use our back muscles and we tighten the sides. Precisely the opposite of what we intend!

Also, if we loose integrity in the upper body and let the shoulders go with the hips, we are basically just rolling over. And, frankly, that hasn’t impressed anyone since you were a few months old! You’re not going to work the deep belly and loosen the sides by rolling over.

Maintaining integrity in the still bits keeps you safe. Staying with the knees side to side example. By working this twisting motions from the belly, engaging the core, and not from the back, protects the back from stress. So, that’s quite important!

In Yoga-2-Go techniques we are working with the body’s meridians. Depending on the meridian (and the body you have to work with), it can be tricky to target the meridian accurately and to stay on that target through working the technique. If you lose integrity in the still bits while attempting to move further, you are very likely to lose the meridian … and targeting that meridian was the whole point!

Wide Leg Bum Lift

So, let’s look at the wide leg bum lift.

Wide Leg Bum Lift If you don’t keep your leg’s still while moving the pelvis up, you lose integrity in the meridian

This is for the Bladder meridian and is quite strong. It is difficult to get off the floor. Achieving lift off, though is irrelevant to obtaining the benefit from the technique. The technique involves working to lift while staying still in the critical places: heels pressing away, thigh bones rotated centrally, toes to the ceiling, feet pointing in the same direction as the legs, legs staying completely straight. As soon as any of those bits move, the Bladder meridian is no longer involved.

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