Warrior Tui

Introducing … the Warrior Tui!

Warrior II/Virabhadasana II

Warrior II (Virabhadasana II) is a fundamental standing technique, found in many flows and most practices.

This technique

  • Teaches coordination of breath and movement as well as correct alignment
  • Improves endurance, mental and physical
  • Teaches relaxation of the shoulders and arms while engaging upper body strength
  • Stretches out the upper and lower body
  • Teaches reaching down through the pelvis and the bubbling wells of the feet whilst simultaneously reaching up and out through the upper body
  • Strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, back, buttocks and legs – supporting the spine
  • Opens and stretches the legs, pelvic girdle and buttocks

Strength Stretched Out

Strength stretched out originated as the name for the running-centred classes I teach in Hamilton under the umbrella of Namaste Yoga NZ. As much as “Balance, Challenge, Chill” was perfectly OK for Yoga-2-Go, strength stretched out seemed to resonate with the Warrior II, the Warrior Tui and Yoga-2-Go.

Yoga-2-Go’s Warrior Tui

Artist Nicole De Barber creates amazing work picturing yoga techniques morphed with the animals or objects for which they are named. Working from her home in the United States, Nicole had to learn about our enigmatic Tui and more than did it justice.

More examples of Nicole’s work can be found here.

In the next few days, we’ll be working with more talented people to turn Nicole’s epic Warrior Tui into print-ready logos.

Keep an eye on the Yoga-2-Go Facebook page for opportunities for updates, new merchandise and maybe even some giveaways …

Tui with strength stretched out and some warrior tui

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