Just a Mum and so much more!

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce one of our food partners – Just A Mum.

The name Just a Mum is a bit tongue in cheek – none of us are ever “just” a mum. Specialising in that delicate balance of indulgence and health, Amy at Just a Mum produces amazing Keto treat boxes.

Some of Just a Mum’s treat boxes

At Yoga-2-Go we love local and we love “handmade with love”, so we’ve partnered with Just a Mum as one of our morning and afternoon tea treat providers!

Full flavour, no sugar, low calorie, high taste is what Amy is all about. We can’t wait for our mini-break yogi’s to reward themselves with such deliciousness as this …

If you are in the Hamilton area, do go ahead and follow Just a Mum for her amazing treat boxes. Go on, treat yourself! You deserve it!

If you think you could use a yoga mini-break with some of Just a Mum’s amazing deliciousness added in, then you’re right! Build your mini-break, here

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